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Because that sounds like the *worst* place to be. Ever.

This is almost funny and almost genuinely terrible. A group of 4channers have decided that the best way to mess with feminists is to create a fake convention. The convention would take place at a gay bar. Because apparently that's like... the worst place they could ever imagine going.
There was a scam going on underneath this incredibly ridiculous prank. An account on Sellify was created to sell $50 tickets to the event. It has since been taken down. It took less than 24 hours for the entire thing to be torn apart on twitter. Sorry not sorry 4chan.
I really don't understand how 4chan thought this was actually going to "punish" lesbians. It doesn't make sense. Welp. At least the plan got ruined.
@alywoah yeah I have no idea what they were thinking there. Like, the $50 charge for the fake con was grossly exploitative but nobody bought any tickets before the sales were shut down. So... I guess feminists are just going to gather at the gay bar.... kind of like they normally do anyway???
Woops, and I totally meant "feminists" not "lesbians" grrr sorry.
Yeah, and as a feminist, I actually prefer to go to gay bars. Merppp. Thank goodness nobody wasted money on this scam.
@alywoah haha no worries. Yeah agreed. Nice fail 4chan.