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Guys, why was this even a marketing campaign that McDonalds went forward with? I mean, they HAVE to realize how 'meme-able' this is.
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@danidee or when you per red and get freaked out until you realize you used too much fruit punch. lol
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@danidee would you think less of me if i told you that i had taco bell for lunch but had my after lunch ice cream from mickey d?
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Haha I love this. "Thirst has no curfew, and I'm thirsty... FOR YOU"
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@buddyesd I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THE IDEA OF THE RED PEE. And also omg, I suddenly want Taco Bell and I don't even LIKE Taco Bell...
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@allischaaff @danidee that's our routine eat lunch at the park followed by ice cream at mc d lol i only had $6 so big box lol
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