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This gives me hope that one day Drake and I will meet up to have an impromptu poetry slam about our feelings. With Courvoisier.
When I was a camp counselor I would make jokes to the kids and no one would laugh. then I would quietly say, “this is why I only have one friend...” and everyone would laugh. I started saying it so much that every time I did something weird the kids would scream “ONE FRIEND!” and keep laughing at me. this card reminded me of that. good times.
@nicolejb That one friend was the luckiest person in the world obviously.
I mean obvi @danidee. And I think the kids sorta pitied me so they hung out with me. pity friends are still friends, right?!
@nicolejb Pity friends are the only friends I've ever known. JK JK JK. I was cool.