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We've all been here. You and your significant other decided it would be a good idea to start watching a TV series together. It's a great way to spend some time together, it gives you more to talk about and watching the next episode lets you look forward to something as a couple.
This phenomenon is so normal these days that Netflix cheating has become a thing. How dare he watch the next episode without you?!?
So you've been binge-watching as a couple for a few months now, but what happens....when you break up? Every new character or plot twist makes you think of them. Just the act of pushing play on Netflix takes you back to a time when they were watching next to you.
For me, the show is Breaking Bad. Yeah, I know the final season is one of the best in TV history, but I don't know if I can ever watch it. We got through four seasons before calling it quits on both Walter White and our relationship.
So here I am, on the couch, trying to decide if a year later I should give the show a try again. I've moved on, he's moved on, so why can't I move on with the drug dealing drama?
Because as soon as I start season five and one of my predictions comes true, I can't text him "HA told you so!" Too many memories are connected to one TV show, so for now, I'll just read the Wikipedia summary.
Omg that's funny, me and my boyfriend just started up our first tv series as a couple and decided to do it on Breaking Bad as well:)
@MichelleHolly we all have that one's just a bummer that sometimes the shows are actually really good and we can't watch them again :(
for me it was Doctor Who...still struggling to get back on that
Ohhh yes @jeff4122 music might even be worse than TV shows for me..there's always those songs that take me back in a not so good way
@paulisaverage I know that feeling of hovering over their every social media move all too well. That sounds hard, but I guess a little bit of tough love like that is what we all need to move on from a breakup. But yeah, it sucks nonetheless.
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