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shes so pretty. shes adorable. her personality is great. shes polite and friendly to her fans. her voice is dreamy. she can act. SHE IS PERFECT. plus she used to be a huge fan of taeyang. i used to ship them but..
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I don't know much about IU but somehow I already fell in love with her just after watching Dream High drama and listening to "Friday" :D
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IU!! ♡ so pretty and amazing! She's also my favorite solo kpop idol! I saw her at Kcon last year and I fell for her all over again. Hope she has another event in the US again!
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I'm probably one of the biggest IU fans in existence!!! She is sooooo amazing ^^
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I love her to bits! She is so totally awesome ^^ <3
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UHHH you should ask who DOESNT like IU ;)
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