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Appreciation post for the Monster The boy who is the god of destruction The boy who is well known for his unique loveable looks The boy who loves to make his members happy The rapper who is a monster himself The intelligent boy who has an IQ of 148 The boy who faced many responsibilities as a leader The boy whose phrase became the insult of the century: "U got not Jams" Basically, the boy who grew up to be intelligent destructive man His name is Kim Nam Joon
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This gonna come out of nowhere but damn I'm jealous of his eyebrows
he's my bias for bts 馃樁... the main reason is cause of his dimples (it's sad I know馃槼 but it's true)
NAMJOOOOOOOON! @DianaCastaneda
The sixth gif is the cutest for sure.
dimples and I have seem him more than once on after school club and he's always so entertaining.