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After Kory "Semphis" Friesen, former Cloud 9 CounterStrike: Global Offensive (shorthand CS:GO) player admitted that he had used performance enhancing drugs this past March at ESL:Katowice, ESL has announced that changes to their drug policy are incoming.
The pro Counter Strike player admitted in an interview to using Adderall to improve focus during a competitive match. He claimed that "everyone does" at competition on that level.
When this news broke, the ESL (Electronic Sports League) reacted by announcing that they would be performing randomized drug tests for their upcoming competition in Cologne.
Going further, the esports league plans to commission two of the agencies that ensure the honesty of Olympians, focusing on the drugging and cycling.
Micheal Blicharz, Managing Director of Pro Gaming for ESL, had this to say:
"We are a company with the word sports in the name. The integrity of our competitions is paramount to what we do. We have already invested enormous amounts of resources to combat online cheating with our ESL Wire Anti Cheat software and the time has come for us to do something about performance enhancing drugs."
When asked whether players who had been prescribed Adderall and whether or not they would be allowed to play, Blicharz said:
"We are currently consulting with NADA on how to handle it and to learn what the best practices are that we can apply to what we do. We certainly do not want to disqualify players who have legitimate medical conditions."
In any case, it is obvious that the ESL plans to crack down on potential PED abuse, and this signals a potential change towards maturity in the world of Esports.