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For all the moms and aunts out there who are looking for something cute and fun to do with the kids for summer, this is the perfect afternoon project for everyone. It will keep the kids creative, engaged and OFF THEIR PHONES! OMG! I have never seen so many kids with cell phones these days. Is it me? Is it because it's summertime?
As you can see here, you need a few supplies, not just to make, but to decorate as well:
Popsicle sticks (different sizes)
Hot glue gun

Hole punch (for necklaces only)
googly eyes,
stickers, pompom,
If you are making brooches, then you will need a brooch pin
If you are making necklaces then you will need string, jump rings and ribbon, or necklace chain
For the first and third design (elephant and bear), divide and cut one popsicle stick in three equal parts.
For the second design (rabbit), divide and cut one popsicle stick, but this time make the center piece smaller than top and bottom pieces. 
Cut also a small piece of a jumbo stick for the back of each design.
Arrange pieces and glue them together at the back, using the small piece of jumbo stick as a base. 
For the first design (elephant), drill or poke holes in the two top sticks.
For the second and third design (rabbit and bear), glue a centered pin brooch.
Now you can paint them to make them super cute. Let them dry completely. Tie a long piece of string to each hole of the elephant ears and try it out!
Using pliers, attach jump rings and the necklace chain if those are the materials you want to use for the necklace. Keep the chain a solid piece to avoid attaching closures.
This is adorable. I remember doing a lot of crafts like this when I was younger. The good old days!
I know, right @cindystran! That's why I cherish spending time with my younger cousins who are growing up too fast.