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@Dulcezelaya @DanniC @Zaria36915 @Montha91 @PassTheSuga @CristelaLoz @poojas I want to tag ten people but unfortunately I don't have that many friends on here lol Thanks for tagging me @ErinGregory SO LET THE HISTORY BEGIN!
1. My first song was Ring Ding Dong by SHINee 2. I was introduced to Kpop by my friend @DulceZelaya
3. I dont have a female bias group but I use to really like T-ara's members Hyomin and Eunjung in the MV Day By Day. Their outfits, song, and story was amazing!
4. My first male bias was T.O.P!!! He's sexy now and was still sexy back than haha
5. My first favorite kpop group was Big Bang
5. I didnt learn the whole choreography only a part of it which was the gorilla move in Nalina by Block B haha
6. My favorite kpop group lovely babies that i love love love so much!!! is BLOCK B!!!
7. I dont really remember haha the only one that comes to mind is Block B's 5 min before chaos and Weekly idol xD
9. Other groups that will always have a special place in my heart is, Superjunior, Exo, SHINee, Big Bang, BTS, Monsta X, Etc. (Theres too much to list haha)
10. Well first Kpop thing i ever bought for someone else was a SHINee CD. For myself would be the BASTARZ album with everyones signature on it.
11. Life before Kpop for me was all about Anime. I still like anime now but not as much as before. Once i got into Kpop i started watching less anime and more kpop music videos haha
12. KPop didnt just change my life it has taken over it haha. It has changed me to become obsessed with kpop music and groups haha. Ive fangirled so much more than ive fangirled for male anime characters. Ive made more friends in the kpop world than i have in the anime world. I cant get enough of Kpop because it has become my life source xD kpop is the best thing that has ever happened to me because i can always count on the members and their music to change my mood when im down or relate to their lyrics~ Thank you KPop and Kpop lovers :)
@PassTheSuga you should see the Korean SNL of ring ding dong haha it's hilarious xD @ErinGregory well I saw yours and it looks better with pictures so yea xD @montha91 Well if you want recommendations I won't hesitate to tell you some~ I'm always happy to get people into Block B <3
@CristelaLoz haha Block B will control your life like they are doing with mine xD
Yesssss power to Block B!! ~~they are consuming my life right now.-. Lol
@montha91 Mission completed ~
@BlockBVillains message me all you want hahaha 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
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