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[Subject is rubbing his temples. Cup of coffee in hand. Lights cigarette. Takes a drag, then a sip of coffee, then exhales the smoke]
Yeah, I'd say it was pretty rough night. A couple of my friends were, uh, home from school or whatever. So, of course, they call me and ask me to take them out, you know? I just, I kind of can't with them. They always bring out the worst in me but in the best possible way, do you get what I'm saying?
You listen to Owen? No? Well, it's like one of his songs, you know? It's called, uh, Good Friends, Bad Habits. And that's my fucking life, man. "They fuck like Wilde and indulge like Hemingway" [laughs].
You know I don't do drugs anymore, you know I'm off everything I've ever done. But these motherfuckers come into town with whatever white, green, purple, whatever drug and there we are, sharing a sink in a public bathroom, convincing people we're from Chicago -- don't ask me why I did that, but I did, alright?
I don't know. Well, yes I do. Yeah. I'm definitely way too old for that shit. I can't be living like that anymore. I mean that shit was cool in [pauses, coughs, spits, sips, smokes], it was cool in college, you know? But we aren't those people anymore, right?
I don't know if anything's wrong with it. I just feel like I'm running on fuckin' empty, you know what I mean? I catch drinks, I'm still good at that. But staying out 'til the fuckin' sun comes up? Or blowing lines off a restroom sink? Or hiding in an alley to shotgun cheap beer? Fuck that. I'm a goddamn man now, you know what I mean?
I guess you're right but at least I'm trying to be.
[end of interview]
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I like this one.