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We've all done it.

You know what I'm talking about. handing your tube of vaseline to your best friend when her lips were chapped. It's become second nature to share certain beauty products -- or all beauty products, and although sharing is caring -- it's not the most sanitary.
Okay, we get it, you've known each other for years, but honestly age has absolutely nothing to do with germs and bacteria. If you're known for sharing your beauty products, allow me to hip you right quick to five beauty products you shouldn't be swapping with your homegirls.


You're probably thinking, "umm..don't they use these at nail salons". Yes, they do and they could very well be contaminating your skin. Make sure when sharing tweezer or going to your local nail salon the products being used have been sterilized. It's very easy to get a dreaded bacterial infection from something as simple as tweezing a stray hair or two.

Lip Products

This is rather obvious. We've shared our lip products on many occasions, thinking absolutely nothing of it, but sharing lip products is the leading cause of viruses including the cold sores (herpes complex).

Makeup Sponges

If you didn't think you were capable of contracted ringworm on your face -- think again. It's definitely possible, especially if you're sharing your sponge. Make sure when applying your makeup you keep your sponge to yourself. Like other beauty products they are prone to producing bacteria that leads to infection.


If you wear contacts than you know just how sensitive our eyes are and they are easily prone to both bacteria and infection. Whatever you do, do not share mascara. It's never that serious. You can easily contract pink eye or get an annoying stye. Make sure you always have your own and never share with anyone -- even if they are showing no symptoms, you never know. Your eyes will thank you.

Lotion In A Jar

It's probably best that if you plan on sharing lotions or facial products, they come in a tube instead of a jar. Dipping your fingers (whether clean or dirty) back and forth into a jar and placing your fingers on your face is an easy way to attract bacteria that causes you to break out.
I think we've all learned our lesson and although we grew up with the mindset that sharing was the right thing to do, let's exclude makeup from the mix.

What beauty products do you find yourself constantly sharing?

yeah it all sounds extremely unsanitary and scary. I admit to sharing each of them at least once, smh @ReddViolet
Good thing I don't share any to begin with. That all sounds super scary.