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Mmmmkay mmmmmkay I'm a day late on this so forgive me. And the links have changed once again so I'll hafta update my cards soon. I realize that people have this also uploaded on YouTube but most versions available on YouTube mess with the sound which is laaaame. So if you really want quality sound please watch these versions I link.... PART 1 PART 2 I hafta give a shout out to Nahae Kim....girl takes the time from her life to sub these and has been having some trouble of late with people not giving her credit for her work which is unfortunate and pretty shitty. As well as Dailymotion removing all of her subbed versions of SHOW ME THE MONEY seasons 3 & 4 due to copyright. So she has been currently uploading to Facebook. Nahae FIGHTING(๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧
TEAM ZICO PALOALTO: AndUp, Mino, Ja Mezz, One This episode does not show their performance. Damn cliffhangers....but they have a pretty tough team here. Mino is the obvious favorite. His punchlines tho....he's just a monster. But I kinda feel that One could be the dark horse on this team.
Now I'm Lil Boi Crazy just like Jay Park....TOADilly Lil Boi all the freakin way on this.....but his nerves can get to him. He kills it once he's on stage but preparation for the team mission in this episode was kind of agonizing for him. He was having trouble memorizing his lyrics which is concerning because it's still early in the game. He was shocked that everyone else memorized theirs so quickly. Jigooin....this cat has got his own brand of swag and he's gunning to outshine Lil Boi which I think he succeeded in this episode. They had overall good teamwork which was impressive considering some of the huge egos on this show and what's at stake. Jay puts huge emphasis stage presence and sadly David Kim was eliminated.
Now initially YG had only Super B opting to join their team and the fear of Team YG being eliminated was real. But they ended up with 6 contestants choosing YG. They've got a good lineup.....I think all the teams wanted Super B. Honestly, their teamwork was kind of weak overall. New Champ and Innovator had a lil disagreement about how the team was to be run....New Champ, being the eldest on the team, was not stepping into the roll of leader nor had any desire to be a team player. Innovator spoke to Tablo about New Champ's short comings as a hyung/leader furthering the discord. But I hafta say, YG is taking very good care of these boys. Spoiling them in fact but not without a price. The producers played hilariously evil prank on the boys that left Incredible almost in tears. But once it came down to the performance all jokes were put aside and New Champ was eliminated.
Now I was flat out surprised at first at the lineup Brand New Music ended up with because at first only Taewoon aka Wuno was their only recruit. So Brand New was in danger of elimination but after it was all said and done they were left with The Avengers as their calling themselves....And I agree. This team is pretty much a force of nature. Any one of these boys could take it all the way....but sadly one had to be eliminated and this damn show left us hanging off a cliff until later this week....but spoilers have leaked that Black Nut is eliminated by the judges but during the performance, Hanhae forgot his lyrics....so he sacrifices himself for Black Nut. I guess we shall see how this all plays out next week.
@PassTheSuga I am as biased over BIGBANG as Jay and Loco are over Lil Boi Lmao
@PassTheSuga Keeping the goodies to yourself I see ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Off to watch now! ;D
@aabxo I'm a day late!! Apologies my dear.