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If you got that reference you are a b2uty through and through Well I just decided to do this because I'm bored, and I thought it would be a good idea as an introduction to me!!
1) Sunset Glow. Everyone knows that song 2) TV 3) First female bias??? Suzy or HyunA 4) Probably Jun K. but now its Junhyung 5) First??? Probably 2PM seriously they are hottttt 6) Excluding church dances (lmao) T-ARA Roly Poly. But BEAST Good Luck was the first dance I learned by myself. Church dances were Dont Go Home TOP and GD 7) BEAST NO DOUBT BEAST 8) Sheesh. 1 Day 2 Nights. When I was younger that show was amazing (now i dont really...) 9) This is so hard omg (im doing these in opposite order) Wow. My bias group really takes up almost all of my time but there are so many others. B1A4, BTOB, BTS, GOT7, SG Wannabe, 4MEN, 4MINUTE and so many solo artists, K.Will, Huh Gak, Wheesung, so many so many. 10) Oh thats hard... Because I dont buy much so I dont remember if I bought something a long time ago. But.. It's a calendar and photocards of Junhyung (BEAST) with stickers and a stamp 11) Hmm, about the same but I love Beast and I would have a much worse collection of music without kpop 12) I've met amazing people and kpop, kdrama etc have helped me with my desire to become better ar Korean and has definitely pushed me to study more. B2ST & B2UTY forever ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히