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I made a post similar to this about G-Dragon, but I have a different, particular question to ask this time. Which label do you think had the biggest regret when it comes to stars debuting in other places? I'm not going to mention GD because I talked about him in his own post yesterday. Here are four others, though.
CL from 2ne1 was originally going to debut under JYP. Later, JYP admitted to regretting letting her go. This remains something veiled in a certain degree of mystery.
I mentioned Beast for like a split second in my last post, but they should be a part of this as well. They started out under JYP, then YG before landing with Cube Entertainment. They were at one point considered a "recycled group" among anti-fans. But they are very popular now, and I'm sure JYP and YG regrets it.
Hyo run from SISTAR was originally under JYP, and meant to be in a trio with two other girls. She was later dropped from the label and picked up by Starship Entertainment where she is today with SISTAR.
T-ARA's Soyeon was originally under SM entertainment, and was months away from debuting with Girls' Generation. A family tragedy caused her to withdraw, and in that time, reignited her passion for singing where she joined Core Contents Media.
So, which label do you think had the most regret when it came to huge potential stars leaving? Of course there are more than this, but this is a good place to start. If you have another idea that isn't on here, please comment. Out of everyone, I would have to say GD. He was in my last post, which you can check out here. Only because Big Bang is currently one of the biggest groups. As for the ones on this list, it's a toss-up between CL and Beast for basically the same reason. But more so Beast because of the "recycled group" comment.
So... Opinions?
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I think JYP had the most loss because all of the artists that you mentioned here could have benefited the company greatly.. as for SM, eehh, they have so many groups that it seriously doesn't matter// better for the artists anyways to not be with SM. As for YG, they pretty much have a very restrictive style && not everyone could handle it.. YG is barely branching out into other styles but are still successful regardless so ...