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All About Min Ho from 1987 to 2009! <3 cr:owner
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i hope you make a new mini documentary with his 3 current dramas. with subtitles plsssss. ty
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congrats lee min ho ilove you 4ever
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bueno yo siempre digo lo qe pienso. esa vida qe llevas ahí me gsta mas. a esa vida que llevas hoyyyyyyyyy de todo tu¡ ayyyyyyyy siiiiiiiiiii! claro eres todo tu posssssssss..
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Too bad that I don't understand, not that I'm doing no efforts but it's not easy at all to learn korean. But what a huge difference between his earlier and current look, he grew up that's for sure but now he has more the star look you know with the sparkle in his teeth and all lol, too cute 이 민 호 wish you more and more fame and success you deserve them^^, also thanks to Amelia santos we have every day something about him so I thank you for your efforts and dedication to him, he should be thankful towards you because you're really helping him to spread his fame and to be close to his fans so I don't forget you thank you thank you XO
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I only watched his Secret Campus...but never seen yet his movies before BOF..:-(..i don’t even know the titles of it..any idea guys!
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