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Back story this was actually the first song i ever heard by them and one of the songs that got me into k-pop.
I remember first seeing this video wondering who's hand that was on the mini skateboard and why does just their hand skateboard 1000 times better then me. Who ever hand that is still remains a true "Mystery" to me. (See what i did there.....not funny okay im sorry lol)
But dont forget to check out this song and some of their other songs you might become a fan ( If you arent already)
If you are a fan tell me your favorite song by them and i'll make sure to check it out.
If you have a favorite k-pop band or song mention them in the comments down below so i can check them out and maybe they'll be in the next SOTD.
See you later and dont forget to share the k-pop because it is life <3
ahhhh! the better question for myself is what song I don't like by B2ST they were the 1st group I picked to follow on my own. So I am B2UTY through and through♡ But I am totally in love with 1230 right now^^ my guilty pleasure song that I try to sing just about...EVERYWHERE^^
never got use to this video xD
ahhhhh so old but still so good