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카테고리: LADY JEWELRY. 태그: BRACELET, CUFF, DENIM, JEWELRY, LADY, METAL PLATED, PAPIERCOLLE, VINTAGE, 데님, 디자인, 브라크, 빈티지, 주얼리, 커프, 컬렉션, 파피에콜레, 팔찌. 볼드한 뱅글이 자연스럽게 흘러내리도록 루즈하게 또는 팔목 위로 핏되게 스타일링할 수 있으며 매니시룩은 물론 레트로룩, 개성있는 스트리트패션의 스타일리시한 매치가 가능한 IT 아이템입니다.
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@happymoon where did you find this? I want to repost this card in my collections in English. this denim cuff is STUNNING! !!!!!!😄😃
@HappyMoon I LOVE so many of the designs on your website. Is there an English version or a way for Americans to order from your site? It's mostly Korean. I want to feature you for a wedding collage I am doing. The [LJ-N]_METAL CHOKER NECKLACE S-1 is STUNNING!!!!!!!! Gave me chills just looking at it!
@marshalledgar U reaction made me happy. Ok! Can you give sent to your address? I just want to give a more crazy chills to you^.~