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Kiggen of Phantom ft Jinsil of Mad Soul Child & Hanhae__Playback MV

I was so torn watching this MV.... Part of me was all "Nuuuuuuuuu girl don't you delete that picture"
Then the other half of me was all...."He's outta your life for a reason....don't think on the coulda woulda shoulda's....delete that ish....
But the soooongggg.....I love the song♡ it's got that longing feel to it but it's still smooth and something you can vibe out to without feeling the need to rip your heart out. Hopefully since participating in SMTM4, Hanhae's fanbase will grow some....he's really very talented. A lot of peeps just came for Jeonghan tho (´ヮ`) Lol which I can dig I guess.
Another Phantom member to obsess over :)
I was surprised he used a girl, but they had a very cute friendship goin! It felt to me like roomates, or super close friends like sisters...:3 o whoops here i go analyzin again.... I do like the gurl singing part.:)👍😤yeeeup!
Aw man.. This us gonna start a new song and mv marathon...-_- dang it i realy liked that song!
O maaan! Wow... That was so short, but ths song is really suuuper sweet! :0.... Omooooo even the vid worked
@PassTheSuga Awww *hugsssss* ^_^
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