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Lace fabric is the best way to add delicate and girly details to your wardrobe. Let this classic and age-old fabric add some flair to your modern style.

Lace pieces of clothing

If you want to go all out with the lace fabric trend, look for all-lace pieces of clothing, such as a lace dress, a lace shirt or a lace skirt. If you don't want to go for all-lace clothing, look for pieces that have lace detailing.

Lace shoes

Shoes with lace detailing are incredibly fashionable. If you want to dress it up, look for lace pumps or lace wedges. Go for lace sneakers if you want to go with a more casual vibe.

Lace accessories

Add delicate lace detailing to your wardrobe without wearing all lace with lace accessories. Grab a bag with lace detailing or hair accessories with lace to take your wardrobe and style to the next level.

Lace fashion inspiration

Here is some lace fashion inspiration to help get you started on styling lace pieces of fashion. Rock your lace!