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Introverts Really Know How To Party

Are you an introvert? Is this totally accurate?
@allischaaff Pretty much. It's not that we don't want to talk, it's because we're shy and have no clue what to say! And there's a lot of judgement running through our minds towards ourselves. Things like, "Do I make eye contact? Am I looking at them too long? Am I dressed ok? Are they looking at all of my flaws? What if I say something stupid?? How do I sit??? Find a corner! Where's a corner?! OMG I want to go home NOW!!!!
@TerrecaRiley I'm finding that everyone is an extrovert once it comes to Vingle lol. We're all so talkative here. I can't even BELIEVE @MattK95 would be an introvert at all, for example.
@jlee37 you pretty much nailed it. I hate being in large groups by myself. my problem is that in usually around a lot of Spanish speakers that know very little English so I'm like more stressed out. i always worry I'll say something bad and not realize it lol
@danidee we no longer speak of the rebellious potato-man mutants. you should know that.
@danidee so true and so cool!!
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