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Introverts Really Know How To Party
Are you an introvert? Is this totally accurate?
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@MyNoahIsName LOL bah dum chhhh
2 years ago·Reply
uummm, you're human to... say what the fuck u want. JUST BE SOCIAL. .never no u might be saying shit they wanna say but afraid to!
2 years ago·Reply
I hide from my crushes
2 years ago·Reply
I'm an introvert and I just can't stand what I call fluff talk. It's the shallow I'm simply filling the air with noise small talk. I'm the deep thoughts and details digger with people cuz I'm completely fascinated by others and how they think. I am genuinely interested in learning people's back story but I can Guarantee I will know how many pets someone has esp at a party before I notice how many people!
2 years ago·Reply
me too
2 years ago·Reply