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Helloo! I started a new collection called "Bethany's Adventures!" and I'm gonna start putting stuff up of my new adventures as a Kpop fan in Hawai'i and my life xD basically. I hope you guys enjoy!
So my first real adventure would be the Korean Festival 2015 in Hawai'i that took place on July 11. I went with my friends.. and we got there at about 10:30 A.M. But for us.. there was a storm that was passing by that weekend.. and with that it would make it 10000000x hotter. (sorry I forgot the details) so long story short.. it was hot af! and not much tents for us to stay under!
It took place at a beach park.. and it wasn't very sunny. But more overcast. But no wind D:
It was pretty crowded too!
The first thing we did when we got there was watch people perform! They were amazinngg. (don't worry I took some videos of other acts!)
But we also had to buy some drinks and snacks xD We bought a drink called"Rainbow lemonade" It was suupeer good! Very refreshing :) especially while we're dying in the hot sun D: Unfortunately... we were super thirsty and it only dawned on me -- after we drank half of it-- that I should take a picture. Sorry! and in the bottom is my sister's bulgogi musubi! It is rice with bulgogi and spam wrapped in nori (seaweed). She wouldn't let me taste >.>.. but according to her it was really good!
Next we had a "Corny Cone" I didn't get a picture of what it was because all of my friends were eating it as soon as we bought it xD It is ice cream in a shape of a cone.. I guess LOL sorry. It was suuuuuppeeerr good because it was something cold to eat in the heat.
As for merchandise there was soo much I wanted to buy but I had to save some money for my sister to eat xD But I bought this Big Bang fan. It was super necessary as it was so hot I was dying of heat. There was many fans to pick from and it was very tempting to buy a BTS fan but I thought since I didn't have much Big Bang stuff I'd get a Big Bang fan! My non-kpop fan friends that came with me really liked my fan and wanted to get a Big Bang one too hehe
Next I got this Lay mask. OMG I just love it. My friend got a Chanyeol one and so we put it on and was walking around with it like a boss xD .. it got kind of hot tho.. so we saved it to wear on the bus ride home :)
I bought a GD poster! By the time I went to go buy posters many were already sold out. But I was so lucky to get such a cute poster of GD <3
Lastly, I got a BTS Paper Perfume. I was standing in line waiting to buy my Big Bang fan and I was looking at the BTS Paper Perfume and the guy that owns the booth I was in remembered me because I go into his store all the time and spend so much time looking for BTS merch xD (the first time I went he didn't have much BTS stuff and he felt bad so the next time I went he ordered some xD) But since I was looking at it by the time it was my turn to pay I gave him the stuff I was buying at put the paper perfume down but he grabbed it.. and added it on.. so thats how I ended up with it xD no regrets xD (as you can see, its still in the package because its so precious)
In the end @AshleySilliado & I ended up with really bad tans D:
I didn't take much pictures and only a few videos! And I really regret it;-;
But, when I upload the video that I took on YouTube I'll be sure to post it! Thank you~! 감사합니다!
LOL do you want me to send them to you? I have videos when you were dancing LOL
@AshleySilliado sure omg THOSE VIDEOS . KILL ME
@AshleySilliado I KNOW, I REALLY REGRET IT OMG. I TOOK MORE VIDEOS ON KILEY'S CAMERA THAN I DID ON MINE.. and yknw more selfies on your phone too..