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Due to the heat, I've been hoping in for a quick cold shower everyday. I know this sounds crazy but cold shower actually made my skin feel a lot better. I finally understand why swimmers have amazing skin. Here are some benefits of a cold shower:
1. It improves blood circulation
There is a reason why people love showering in the morning. The rush of cold water make the blood vessel constrict and more blood will be pumped to your organs at the same time. Your brain also become more alert.
2. It helps maintain your weight
When cold water come into contact to your skin your body has to work extra hard to keep you warm, so you are actually burning energy under the cold shower.
3. It gives energy
A splash of water on your face wakes up your eyes. Likewise, a cold shower can give you a boost of energy (which might be better than a cup of coffee).
4. It’s good for skin and hair
Hot water dehydrates and dries out hair and skin. Cold water refreshes and tightens your hair and skin.
5. You’re not as cold in winter
When winter comes, your body will be ready to tackle the cold. Very nice, because I am easily cold!
I showered with cold water for about 2 months and one thing I can say is that I saved A LOT less. When I used to shave once a week legs and every other day for my armpits, with cold showers I shaved my legs once every 2 weeks and it was very sparse and my armpits once a week. Now I'm thinking about starting my cold showers again..
I don't see that thing that people keep talking about-taking a cold shower when you're horny. (I have no idea how that helps but they keep saying it). Lol
Ill try. Interesting.
I'll admit I'm a little afraid to take a cold shower eheh brrr but I'll definitely try one to see how I feel !
If you take a cold shower, wait until that moment where the body adjusts to it and it actually starts feeling warm. At that point you should stop. But better yet is starting with warm water then slowly cranking it up to as hot as you can handle then slowly switch to as cold as you can handle until your body adjusts and the water feels warm.
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