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$120 Amazon.com 3.8/5 Roadrunnersports.com 4/5 runningshoesguru: 7/10 Recommended for: Neutral runners looking to maximize impact protection on trails.A soft, protective trail shoe that is well suited for beginning or occasional trail runners.--runningshoesguru User Reviews: -This sneakers look great and fit great. They're super comfortable and true to size. -Terrific trail running shoe. Great stability but also light. Good for neutral runner. Good traction in snow but not ice. Also not as warm as other Asic trail runners due to mesh forefoot. -Hugs the foot, protects the feet from rocks and trail debris VERY WELL (I used them on one hike that was mostly along a creekbed and my feet were never bothered by any of the rocks), and the traction is fantastic. Haven't gotten them wet yet, but I imagine they dry quickly as they are well-ventilated. -I am recovering from a Jones fracture and surgery (2" screw in 5th metatarsal) and hoping to get back running. I have high arches and supinate quite a bit. These shoes made it feel like I was supinating even worse. Felt pain on both of my 5th metatarsals, even my "good" one, just walking. So, I need to keep looking. They seem like a great shoe for people who don't have funky feet like mine!