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Each candy represents a member of EXO! Please comment your two favorite candies out of all of them and next to each candy write your two favorite members. Or you can write your two favorite members and what candy you think they are. This is just a fun game to see if you get your favorite members or not! Also, the last one means that you don't like candy or don't prefer candy. I will post the Dating Door answers after at least 10 people comment and like!
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Jelly ranchers and gummy bears ,....my fav members r D.O & XiuMin
2 years agoReply
skittles and gummy bears. favourite members are Tao and Kris
2 years agoReply
Kit Kats and Gummy Bears
2 years agoReply
@exotaku What's the reveal?
2 years agoReply
skittles and reece's D.O. and Chan Yeol
2 years agoReply