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Finally!--A reason to love sugar all over again! I'm sorta over the negativity associated with sugar nowadays. And true, our over-consumption of the stuff is a problem, but before I lose myself in a debate on the issue, here is a LEGIT and POSITIVE attribute to sugar:
If you find yourself with oil or grease on your hands or arms, then you know the gross agony of trying to get it OFF YOUR SKIN! FAST!
Enter sugar! Applying a handful of granular white sugar with water makes the perfect de-greasing paste. Massage it into the affected area and simply rinse clean. The sugar particles absorb the oil while the texture of the granules exfoliates the skin--taking the oil and residue with it.
If you have other fabulous uses for sugar, please comment below! We need more positive uses for good ole sugar! <3 <3 <3