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Tiramisu Shaved Ice Definitely a summer-ish dessert, specially in this -11 degrees weather. HOWEVER, never hurts to just look at it. : ) This is one of the most popular desserts Twosome Place came up with, it was a big hit during summer 2012 and it became one of it's trademarks. It's 10,500W, but this pile of heavenly ice with chunks of Tiramisu with a sprinkle of coffee is definitely worth it the wait. Let the waiting begin for shaved ice! enjoy! xoxo
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tiramisu is my fav dessert too!!
5 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie me too! I love it!
5 years ago·Reply
Heehee, you're right. It never hurts to look at wonderful food, probably why the food party has such a big following. :D
5 years ago·Reply
not good...
5 years ago·Reply
@SunghwanYoo really?? it was pretty decent for me : )
5 years ago·Reply