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$105 Amazon.com: 4.4/5 Roadrunnersports.com: 3/5 runningshoesguru.com: 7/10 Reccomended for: Neutral to mild over pronators looking for a performance minded trail shoe.Speedy trail shoe that offers more performance than it does stability. Probably ideal for neutral runners who like a touch of support for long trail runs or races. --runningshoesguru.com -The shoe has a mid to high arch, is great for normal pronation (if you over pronate, this shoe may not provide enough support), and is great for a non heel striker, due to the heel to toe raise. Note on the heel to toe raise, it is lower than traditional running shoes (think that is a new thing with manufacturers doing the "bare foot" running), but it doesn't feel like running in a minimal shoe at all. The tread is perfect for trail to road if you run partial tracks. It's also super lightweight, you can't tell you have them on. -No matter what the terrain or weather, a great and solid shoe. order half size up as they do run small -So the shoe is very high quality and the colors are beautiful...very vibrant. The tread is terrific for rugged terrain. However, the insole is as good as inserting a piece of cardboard, offering no support and or cushion for a comfortable landing. I also wish that the sole were not so stiff. -They gave me HORRIBLE shin splint pain! I ran in them twice and regretted it. I have gone back to my normal model and am fine. -I have very high arches and I overpronate and these are both supportive and lightweight!!