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How many weddings have you been to where the tables were decked out in everything except a tablecloth? I admit, I have been to a couple. But of all the weddings I have seen and been to, this is a slow trend that I foresee picking up steam for the Fall and 2016 wedding season.
What I find so lovely about this design, (besides the fact that it works without linen), is that soft pastels, such as the English garden roses and napkins were paired with jewel tones, as seen in the stemware. Also on the table is a collage of metal: gold cutlery, flash metal vessels and pewter-esque votive holders. The table itself is a blond wood. Even more unremarkable are the chairs, though they are not at all ugly. The emphasis is on the tablescape.
Regrettably, however, the biggest problem I see with this design is the height of the centerpiece florals. TOO HIGH! Colin Cowie has said before, along with @nixonwoman, that the centerpieces should be below eye sight or SEVERAL inches above eye sight. That's just common knowledge, so I am surprised to see this.
Regardless, the overall set-up is beautiful and a great idea for when you are planning and designing your own wedding. For more ideas on weddings, take a look by clicking here.