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2ne1 is definitely my favorite female group out there. If you haven't seen this video (which I'm sure you have) watch it, it's amazing. This group consists of more than idols. They are artists. So I'm here to elaborate a bit on each member.
First, Minzy. She is definitely the powerhouse of the group (the mitochondria of the group. Hehehe... Hehe... He... Science jokes). Anyway. She easily has the strongest voice in the group, and can sustain the lower register quite well. Then in the other hand, her falsettos are consistent though she doesn't use them as much as some other artists in other groups. I also really love her touch of vibrato at the end of a note. I noticed she always does it if she has the chance.
Next, Dara. In my opinion, out of the four, I enjoy Dara's voice the least. Don't get me wrong, she's very talented, but it's not my cup of tea. She does a similar thing as CL, that being she likes to emphasize the final moment of a note (at least live). I just don't think she excels at making a good sound doing it as CL does. And just in general, while her voice is definitely very unique, it's not the type I enjoy listening to the most. (Go ahead and disagree with me, it's fine😊)
Next, Park Bom. While many people consider her to be the least talented of the group, I would have to disagree. But it's just a personal preference. While her range and tonality is an issue which has gone unchecked, it doesn't stop her from being a heat vocalist in the range she is comfortable with. When I still listened to English music (that sounds weird to say haha) I would listen to indie and alternative. Bom's voice reminds me the most of something like that. Plus, she has swollen lymph nodes, which are actually visible in the video above.
Last but not least, CL, the leader. I find her vocal ability to be on par with everyone else. While she is not JUST a vocalist, she is also a rapper, and I think a good one, at that. She can sing a wide range, but I like her more in the soprano range. One particular thing I love about listening to CL live is how she ends her notes, with that distressed last moment and an exhale. Many would consider this to be less skilled, but I call it skill. It's her feelings in her voice.
I'd like to know your opinions, and how you guys feel about 2ne1! γƒΎ(οΌ βŒ’γƒΌβŒ’οΌ )γƒŽ
I also luv the science joke #nerdpower πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
I loveeeeee 2NE1 they are my favorite since the first song I call it love at first mv especially with Minzy's awesome dance moves πŸ˜‰
My favorite female kpop group