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Am I the only one that just doesn't care who they date? As long as my oppas are happy they can be with whoever they want. I feel bad when they get hate from their "fans". It sucks that they have to hide their relationship in fear of crazy ass fans. What about you guys? Does it bother you if they date or the fans that hate?
The fact that the notification said top gf and I came and it's fucking GD 馃槖
If one of my biases were to date I'd probably be like "dang it... now I don't have a chance" but in the end what they do and who they decide to date is up to them. I think that any real fan would accept that their oppa is dating even if they didn't like the girl. At the end of the day I'm just happy to know that my bias will have someone to support them and who will make them happy
I'm a fan of their music, so as long as the music quality doesn't plummet, then who they date doesn't matter. Besides, tabloids are always like "they have similar lungs, they MUST be a couple" 馃槀馃槀
I saw this post. Once I read the title I stopped reading
And just cuz they were seen there don't mean anything til they officially say they are dating. and if they are that's non of business but to keep supporting him
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