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$125-$140 REI.com: 4.3/5 Amazon.com: 4/5 Runner's World: Stiff and firm underfoot, the XT Wings 3 is all about pronation control and protecting the foot. A crash pad at the heel helps smooth out the initial impact of the foot striking the ground. A firm post under the arch and plastic chassis running through the midsole stabilize the foot through the gait cycle. Reviews: - Absolutely LOVE these shoes. They fit like a glove and the toe area is wider so your toes don't get cramped. Toe cap is awesome and helps the shoes stay looking really great. The fabric these are made of breathes amazingly well so I never had a problem with sweaty feet. I got these on a recommendation from the REI staff for plantar fasciitis that has plagued me for awhile. I have med/high arches and at first the insole worked well, but within 4 months it had broken down considerably. So I would recommend replacing their insole with an aftermarket one. The tread also wears SUPER QUICK if you use it AT ALL on concrete-so this is NOT a duel purpose shoe. I ended up taking them back for a shoe that is more duel purpose-but I DID LOVE THESE! They also are super stable. I supinate and this shoe did not show the usual outside tread wear that other have. Overall, I love this very specialized great looking shoe and will buy again, but just use them for the trails. -I bought these just before doing many day hikes, about 41 miles in a week. The boots were fabulous. They fit without blisters or irritations right off the bat. They stopped the toes from hitting the front of the boot - laces system works great. I am totally happy with these boots - can't say enough good things about them. -The good: great grip in terrible conditions, solid but light feeling, like the no-tie laces. The not so good: felt a bit tight across the arch and the toes (while there was enough room to move in the length). I released the laces a bit to relieve this but ended up getting a blister under my foot and a bit of heel lift.