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Kdrama : My Love From the Star Drama Rating: 9.3 I loved the entire plot and the actors. Every episode was thrilling and the concept of the drama was brilliant!
Kdrama : Lie to Me Drama Rating: 7 This drama wasn't really my type, but that's my preference. The kiss made my list tho
Kdrama : Coffee Prince Drama Rating: 7 This also wasn't really my type of kdrama but the kiss is hard to ignore hehe
Kdrama : Queen Inhyun's Man Drama Rating: 7.9 The plot and storyline was well thought out. The plot was a little draggy (Lol is that a word..?), but still good. THEIR CHEMISTRY DESERVES A 10/10!! (they ended up dating in real life)
Kdrama : Personal Taste Drama Rating: 8.1 loved this!! lee minho stars in this gender bender classic!
Kdrama : Reply 1997 Drama Rating: 9.0 The plot was really good and get you on edge. The plot twists really throws you for a loop though. A very good drama! would recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it yet!
Kdrama : City Hunter Drama Rating: 9.6 hands down one of the best Korean dramas! thank you lee Minho!! the plot is so amazingly addictive, I would warn anyone who hasn't watched it yet to be careful of accidently having a Korean drama marathon
Kdrama : Doctor Stranger Drama Rating: 8.4 the writers have done it again! this time with a North Korea/ South Korea medical thriller drama! the plot of this kdrama is thrilling and very instense. would recommend!
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