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I've always loved drawing and after seeing some cool fan art I decided to have a go at it. This is just a progress report on what I've done so far
Obviously there is a lot more to be done but I just wanted to share it to get some feed back. Tell me what y'all think!
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Thank yall so much for the feedback and positivity! @shannonl5 @gavriella I'll def be posting a finished product! I have a little more shading on the face and the hair and then I should done! @danidee that nose was way harder than it looks lol >.<
Hahaha a few months ago I tried to draw Suzy, and once it got to the nose, I was like NEVERMIND!
@danidee even after posting this I've fixed the shading and I'm much happier with it! If you have any drawings I would love to see them!!
@KutieKiKi awesome! I'm really looking forward to seeing it :D
Looks good so far! I find that taking pictures as you progress helps so much! That being said, I recommend getting an app that lets you make photo collages and put them side by side! It helped me a lot (;