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This card is geared for my moms out there who are marrying off their sons and daughters. Now before you freak out about these gowns being white, guess what?!


You just can't wear ALL-WHITE unless it's a white wedding, which is a fashionable Italian tradition, where EVERYONE wears white. If that's not the case, then you need to incorporate other elements to your white gown so that you don't upstage the bride.
For these Tony Ward gowns, and there are plenty more you can see by clicking here, the extra details that make these mom-worthy are the flashes of metal in silver and the reflective sombre coral effects. And did you see the cut-outs? That cowl neck? That cape? What about the high-low skirt? These are the things that elevate the look from bridal to hot mama without a shred of distaste.
Now, lets talk shoes. You only need to wear Stuart Weitzman. End of story. Click here to see what I'm talking about and what all the Stuart Weitzman fuss is all about!