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I've got a woman crush on Amber Liu of f(x). And after some thought, I realized she reminded me of someone. Someone I've known about since the 90's when I got into anime. She reminded me of another strong blonde female who doesn't believe in binary standards of beauty, is strong in and out, and could totally own someone in a fight. That someone is Haruka Tenoh, also known as Sailor Uranus! Here's 6 reasons I believe Amber is secretly Haruka! (well 7 if you count the fact they're both beautiful blondes!)
Amber and Haruka both look pretty rad in plaid and are probably one of few people who can pull it off.
Amber and Haruka are also very athletic! Amber has been shooting hoops since childhood and has a black belt in Taekwondo. Haruka is a fast runner and has skills in race car and motorcycle driving.
Both look pretty hot in shades.
Both look really cute in a suit.
And they could be models if they wanted too!
Lastly, if they needed to dress for gender norms, both could do it so easily! But they don't need to and that's what matters!
"WORLD SHAKE THAT BRASS!!" LOL!! (this has been a post)
apparently amber did the nae nae before it was popular so WHO IS THE BEST NOW HMM?
hahhahahaha throw back to 90d