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It's that time again. Here's another girl group inspired hair post. I just learned about this group several hours ago. Apparently, they were models before becoming a singer. Which totally makes sense because they're all tall and beautiful. So, this card was inspired from their EP Special Summer Edition (S/S Edition ). The music style has a hint of 70’s retro disco and funk. I can hear a subtle jazz influence in one of the track, "A Guy Like You". So, the hairstyle are all very playful and as you can see from above it is made to match their summer concept.


Hyemi - Pink tip hair with side braid
Sojin - Texture lob style with sporty headband
Keumjo - Ballerina bun styled with bandana
Sungah - Bob with lots of volume at the bottom


Kyungri - Soft bangs with long hair
Euaerin - Two alien buns
Hyuna - Long beach hair
Minha - Hot pink hair and soft beach waves
Just in case you want to learn how to do the alien bun. Tutorial above!

Which 9muses summer hairstyle is your favorite?

Mine is obviously, Hyemi's. :)