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!!! Big talk for Big Bang !!! (New M/V Teasers) ~(^.^)~
I know the VIP's out there are pretty excited about the up coming new songs for "E". With there being talk about a GD and T.O.P. collaboration?? But there's now MORE NEWS about some newly released scenes from what appears to be the set for the new music video coming out for one of the tracks of the MADE album
Brace yourselves this was posted on Yang Hyun Suk's instagram (the founder/executive producer of YG Entertainment) . Link to actual video clip: https://instagram.com/p/5qUD19Lu4b/?taken-by=fromyg
So far whats your favorite song from the MADE album and what are you looking forward to most in Big Bang's furture. (What do you want to see them accomplish on their journey together as a band? Any shows that you wish to see them on or do parodies of?)
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I'm so excited 😊 GD and TOP always make great music
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