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Ever wondered what idols would be like if they were animated movie, cartoon or anime characters?
Well, wonder no longer. Presenting a brand new collection, K-Pop Animated!
Let's start off with the one and only, GD from Big Bang! What would he be like...if he was a minion?
He would make some sweet minion tunes, combined with some Minionese rap!
He would experiment with crazy hair (or should I say test it on others first?) Haha.
He would give Seungri a hard time as usual. Gotta have those leader-maknae fights!
But ultimately he would change his mind and start to adore his favorite maknae!
He would have silly arguments with TOP. They are the Big Bang mom & dad after all!
He would write a song about a banana. I mean, let's be real, Crayon already happened, this is not much of a stretch!
He would laugh with his bestie Taeyang about the most absurd things.
He would get uber-excited to go shopping. And he'll want to shop ALL THE TIME!
He would try out weird and crazy props for music videos.
He would sing, rap and dance like a boss and not care about the haters!
Let me know what else you would like to see in this K-Pop Animated collection! ^_^
freaking love the minions, my username tells you so, hahaha, and then combine it with K-pop, omg your the best @poojas! and I didn't know they had similarities with GD lol
@VixenViVi SHINee coming up this week! @anoangseyodapat Awww, yesss and then Daesung makes GD buy everything for him! @stevieq Hmmmm, he sure could be!
@MinionPeach17 Ah, yes, BOB! You're like...a Minion expert! OMG! :D @veselovskayavic True true! I love 1 and 9 the most! Haha
he would be BOB then, BOB is the youngest from the minions and so adorable and cute
yeah @poojas
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