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I'm not sure if the first line is lalalala la la la or la la la lalalala Anyway just sing out this song to your lover and credit me if she swoon all over you .. peace ;) Romanized and English Translation Lalalala – lalalalalalalalala - Lalalalalalalalala – lalalala – lalalalala - I sesange jeil chakhan saram/The nicest person in the world Naega jaranghago shipeun saram/The person I want to show off Geuge neoya neoppuniya/It’s you, it’s only you. You are my lady yeah Mashineun geo meokeumyeon saenggakna/What I think of when I eat something good Kichimhamyeon yakchaenggyeo jugopa/If you cough I want to get you medicine Geuge neoya neoppuniya/It’s you, it’s only you. You are so pretty yeah Neo neun naye taeyang/You’re my sun, gwabunhan neoye sarang/your love that I don’t deserve Nunbushige bitnaneun/You’re so bright it hurts my eyes, neoyegen bunjokhan na (Oh My Lady)/I’m not good enough for you (oh my lady) Neo neun naye bada/You’re my sea, neomchineun neoye sarang/your overflowing love Sesang gugo bodaneol saranghae/I love you more than anyone in the world. oh my love Ye – oh. oh. oh. oh. Lalalala- lalalalalalalalala- Lalalalalalalalala- lalalala- lalalalala- Niga jeil kabjyeo boyeosseumyeon/If you could look like you have everything Niga jell haengbokhal su itdamyeon/If you could be the happiest Geugeomyeon dwae geuppuniya/That’s enough, that’s all. oh you are my lady
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