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So today my sister and I were playing basketball while listening to whatever kpop song came up on my 8tracks and I was planning on making a kpop playlist for when we exercise so comment down below any good songs to exercise too!! ^Admin A^ Credits to original owner
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BTS- Dope Jimin and J.Don-GOD Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang good high energy work out songs. Also Trespass by Monsta X
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Here is my workout playlist ! You might get some ideas from it :)
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i listen to B.A.P One Shot and a lot of other songs, but i also go on youtube and search kpop zumba because i like that
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This is my workout playlist: Run -MBLAQ Warrior -BAP Fantastic Baby- Big Bang Bang bang bang -Big Bang Jackpot-block B Danger-BTS Dope-BTS Love me right-EXO Call me baby-EXO YOLO- Madtown Ringa Linga-Taeyang Rock ur Body-vixx Tough cookie-zico I am the best-2ne1
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