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Since getting into kpop I've noticed that I've become sort of immune to all the weird things kpop stars do. When I first read this story or GD and Gaho I giggle and mumbled 'how cute!' My friend looked over and asked, "What's cute?" I read it to her and she just said, "You need help." I need to marry a guy who will put up with my newfound weirdness.. Can anyone relate?
I would go roof when my friends told me to stay I was being a smartass saying they where telling me like a dog friends: Mandi stay me: *puts hands in front * roof friends: Mandi shut up me: rofl
I married a man who is totally OK with my weirdness. he takes it in stride. although I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm overly dramatic. but he loves me nonetheless LOL.
Awh GD is so cute... But I can totaly relate...
Kpop has made me a lot weirder but also more open and accepting of it. I'm super weird but now I own it 馃槑
I really hope they will accept us soon! 馃槅 were all a little mad here 馃槈