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The annual Miami swim catwalk just ended and some of the hairstyles are quite interesting. I left the conventional ones out and highlighted the ones that are eye-catching! So, no beachy texture and sleek shine hair.
[Issa De'Mar] A mix of pompadours, braids and bouffant. It'll definitely keep your eyes busy.
[L*Space by Monica Wise] What did I say about mermaid hair in my last card? Here's another proof that the mermaid trend is still going strong. I haven't seen ones with big pearl crowns and fish scale tattoos (next photo)!
[Dolores Cortes] We're used to seeing a lot of volume on the runway but not height. I guess someone is taking note from 2NE1 Dara's infamous palm tree hairstyle.
[Filthy Haanz] If there's something we learned this year, it's embracing your natural texture and fancy it up with hair adornment (or a tropical flower).
[Mikoh] Oh, hey! Here's a another way to cover greasy hair. Throw on a pine leaf crown!
[Issa De'Mar] Corncrows and LOTS of teased out volume. It looks a bit messy from the back, but whatever, it's summer.
[6 Shore Road by Pooja] This mohawk-inspired updo with a center plait is a genius for taming frizz!
[Luli Fama] I told you the hair thread style is trending. Here is a simplify version for those who really don't have time to wrap their hair. The trick is adding a pop of color to make it fun.
[San Lorenzo] We've seen enough of flower crowns, so I kind of like the idea of weaving flowers into the braids.
[RVCA and Beach Riot] This might be inspired from the 90s Flubber, Sponge Bob or Ranging Water. I can't tell.
And finally...
[We Are Handsome] The hairstyle is nothing special but wearing a snake (boa) down the catwalk is something. The last person I would imagine carrying a snake and owning it is Britney Spears from her 2001 most epic performance.
Well, there you have it!