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First things first... Don't you just hate cocktails that have the word "blue" in the name, but in the end turn out green? This happens a lot, when we're mixing blue curacao with yellow juices. And Blue Ocean is one of them. It contains vodka, blue curacao, grapefruit juice and a bit of simple syrup. It id not a sweet drink, which is not a common thing when Blue Curacao is included. But the grapefruit juice really kicks in here. If you like, you don't need to use simple syrup, depends on how sweet do you want it. The taste really differs from all the other "blue drinks" I've made and try and that is why I like it. There was no "fake taste" comming from blue curacao, because grapefruit juice is really strong. So, if you like the taste of grapefruit juice and like drinking cocktails with wilder colors, this is a cocktail for you. I thing the cocktail itself is not really famous one, I've heard there are some bars that make them, but you will have better luck with just making it yourself. It's a really easy one!
ok, gin it is. My favourite :) @NixonWoman
@rodiziketan Take your time doll. And I seem to always lose myself in both vodka and gin beverages.
ok, but gove me some tome, because i'm super busy right now, and I will make one just for you. Just one more question? Are you a vodka, gin, rum or tequila fan? @NixonWoman
Surprise me with one of your spicy numbers. post a card with the recipe. I will try it and rate it. I promise to be nice. :) and honest. :) @rodiziketan
oh, spicy you say? @NixonWoman I like that.
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