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Being on the road really early in the morning has its benefits. Stopping for a coffee and something to eat is one of them. This time I ordered expresso with prosciutto, rocket and cheese spread panini. Both of them made the start of my day enjoyable.
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Ooooh that panini looks awesome!
This sorta reminds me of a Cuban breakfast -- which is just toast and coffee (and usually the toast is dunked into the coffee). ...but I know this is totally not it. That panini makes my banana for breakfast look very sad.
it was so good and fresh! @shannonl5
don't get me wrong, this is so not my tipical breakfast, usually I don't even eat breakfast, but I had to wake up at 6am and I had to make a stop after 30 minutes. @alywoah
@alywoah It does look similar! I hadn't thought of that but you're so right! @rodiziketan I'm super jealous my breakfast today was not as fresh :(