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I have been known for being a great organizer, especially when it comes to organizing parties. I still remember my first party that I hosted at my house. I was in fifth grade. It was kind of a “tea party”. I copied the idea from this “Sunday-evening show,” that was airing back then. It was really crowded, since I invited the whole class. We played different games, we sang, we danced, and of course we drank tea. It was a great party for eleven year-olds. And from that party on, I hosted at least two parties each year. And the parties got better each time. One of my biggest traditions, that I am sure everybody still remembers, was the treasure hunt. Different notes were hidden all around my neighbourhood and we were all crazy-running round and round for hours. I am sure my neighbours thought, something was wrong with us. But we were kids. And it was so much fun. As I grew older, into a teenager, parties changed. Alcohol became involved, the same as cigarettes. Boys making out with girls, girls making out with other girls, playing truth or dare, and games like that. Nothing is wrong with any of those things, except maybe the truth and dare part. My parties are still known for one of the bests. And I could not agree more. My high end party was my eighteenth birthday party. I think that all of the eighteen people, who were invited, agree with me. It was a party that will stay in my memory, forever. Since then, I have not hosted a party. It is not like I have been thinking about organizing parties lately. How could I? Only thinking about it brings back so many memories of you and me. I am not sure I will be able to host anymore of them. The reason I started writing about this is because today I got the idea of making a “Christmas party.” Of course, as an organizer, I started thinking of planning. Immediately, I remembered how you used to help me with everything. With choosing the drinks, the food, the music, even the people. I always liked the day before the party the most. I remember you, coming to my house, early in the morning, when we started with the preparations. We enjoyed the working so much, even cleaning the whole house that we were always done with everything by the evening. We never left anything for the next day. Our intentions were always to go to bed early, but we never did that. We always got drunk, and later watch some horror movies. So if I look back. A good organizer always has a good assistant. And the combination of both makes a party a good one. So how can I organize a party, without you being here with me, helping me? And right now, it is about the most important party of all. It is called “My life”. I am in need of an assistant. And who is better to do the job then you?

**note that this was written 3 years ago and I don't feel the same way anymore. I just wanted to share this with you**
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This is really touching--I totally understand how the routine or something or the feel of it can be changed just by the change in people involved, etc. but eventually, that change isn't always ab ad thing :)
Well, we're looking for non-alcoholic games. Some people don't drink, so we want it to be group friendly
Thanks for sharing! In fact, the timing was perfect. My friend is an event on Thursday and we need some ideas for games. It sounds like you have a lot of experience with that. Do you mind suggesting some group games?
Thanks for understanding, in my case it was a bad thing for 3 years, but now I am totally ok with it. We all know time is the best medicine. @onesmile
not a problem. Do you mean games involving alcohol?