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Some days we just can't do anything. Despite what we have to do during the day, whether we're at school or work, our brain decides it needs the day off. This can lead to frustration and anger, but fear not because it's only temporary.
In those moments where we can't rack our brains for anything significant, Patrick Star meets us.

"Hey buddy, did you just blow in from stupid town?"

NO! My brain just doesn't feel like it, so lay off!

You wake up for school or work and things are feeling just dandy. You're going to get everything done today and make it a great one!

You get something to eat, maybe check your Vingle account, hang some cards. You know, normal stuff.

You finally get to work and sit down at your desk or in class and BAM it hits can't think.

You realize that your brain has taken the day off and left you idea-less, blocked up and totally useless for the day.

You try everything to get it going again...even slamming your head on your desk.

You decide to take a break and watch TV, maybe that will fix things...

But your brain is conspiring against you.

You try to listen to some music to get your ideas flowing...still no cigar.

When lunchtime comes it's like " I don't have to sit here and pretend to do my work." Stupid brain!

And once you return, you're still not able to think so you start to go a little crazy.

Because feeling like this isn't fun. We want to get our work done, be productive, get ahead...but some days it's just not possible.

After hours and hours of feeling like you can't get anything done, the work or school day ends. And despite having one bad day you're still awesome...and your brain will return.

You probably just need some rest or a Krabby Patty or something. These things will pass. Don't take it too personally, and just try to make the next day better!
here's to tomorrow and that brain working
@MooshieBay Patrick's brain like, doesn't exist hahahh
@MargaretStevens i might need some of that good luck too!
Hahaha Patrick is my favorite!! Some days, you just can't concentrate on anything... I feel ya, buddy :D
I like when my brain shuts off.I just let it... Those are my best days
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