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Christine Centenera, the fashion director as Vogue Australia, has a clean-cut, fashion-forward style with a slight edge, and photographers love her for it. This lover of blouses and miniskirts opts for clean lines and choppy asymmetry over anything fussy or romantic. We can't all have positions at Vogue, but we can all have Christine's look (with some help).
All black head-to-toe.
What more could you expect from a sleek but edgy fashionista other than a penchant for all black ensembles? Whether you stick to statement pieces and odd shapes in black, or layer on the classic staples in this neutral tone, keep your look black to lenghten your frame and add some edge.
Envelope skirts.
Centenera's wardrobe appears to be chock full of angular envelope miniskirts. The look is great to show off her legs without being overly sweet or girly, but is clean and professional but still sexy. Envelope skirts also stand in for tailored shorts to wear throughout the summer, looking a little more fashion-forward but equally cute.
Leather bottoms.
Luxe leather comes naturally to Centenera, and leather pants and skirts are often just another piece of the black monochrome equation. If you can switch out your office trousers for leather pants and a blazer, or layer boxy tops over a leather pencil skirt, you'll be golden.
Rorschach-esque trippy prints.
When Centenera does deviate from her style of monochrome solids in black and white, she opts for crazy and cool prints mirrored across a garment like a rorschach test. These prints are both trippy and sleek-looking, making them timeless but always fashion-forward.
Centenera might be the coolest person I've spotlighted in my own opinion; I don't know if you're born that cool or if we can all be this awesome by layering on black and leather and miniskirts, but I'm definitely going to try.