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This is what the Lyric of the Day is all about, folks. Today, we welcome The Beatles into our circle of poetic friendship. It's "Happiness is a Warm Gun."
"She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand like a lizard on a window pane"
After just a little bit of research, this song's ultra-cryptic meaning comes into some clearer light. The title comes from a headline in a gun owners' magazine that Lennon once saw and was drawn to. And this particular lyric comes from some stories that Lennon heard about a man who wore velvet gloves to seduce women, and the splicing of this story with some thoughts he had during an acid trip.
That's The Beatles for ya, I guess. What a great tune.
It's going to be a good day.
It most certainly is going to be a wonderful day. This is definitely a high ranking song on my top 10 beatles tunes (although that's always an impossibly hard list to actually write). A man who wore velvet gloves to seduce women... how odd.
A Liverpudlian folk tale, apparently. And yeah. I couldn't write the same top 10 list two days in a row hahaha