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When complimentary mints aren't enough, what do you do?

Whether you're dining at the fanciest of the fanciest restaurants in the city or grabbing a bite to eat from the fast food joint -- there are certain foods you should steer clear of when out on a date. Nobody likes bad breath or grimy teeth, especially bad breath that can be prevented.
Depending on the type of cuisine you're going for, you may be in for a nasty smelling surprise. Of course it will taste good in the moment, but if you're looking for a kiss goodnight -- don't count on it. Do yourself a favor and avoid these five foods while out on a date and you'll more than likely score both a kiss and a second date.

Corn On The Cob

As delicious as it is, eating corn on the cob while on a date probably isn't in your best interest -- unless you have no problem excusing yourself to the restroom to pick the kernels out of your teeth.


They give pretty much any food amazing flavor, but they leave your breath smelling for hours. Beware and be prepared with gum, mouth wash and the works.


Before you get upset, I'm referring to seafood that takes a little bit of work -- crab legs, lobster, shelled shrimp. When you're on a date you want it keep it cute and you don't want to spend all your time trying to pop open a crab leg when you should be paying attention to your date. Opt for something light like salmon or mussels and just hope that your breath doesn't end up smelling like "under the sea".


"beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot" just kept that little jingle in the back of your mind before you order anything that contains beans.

Baby Back Ribs

Talk about finger licking good (says the vegetarian), but seriously, ribs are delicious -- it's a known fact. It's probably best for you to save the finger licking and messy situation for a later date or family function. Keep it lady like.
Now that you know exactly what foods to avoid, go on your date and enjoy your some amazing food without feeling guilty about a thing.
Just so that you don't spend unnecessary time focusing on who's going to pick up the tab, check out this card who should pay.
Exactly @allischaaff ! FULL ADVANTAGE :)
Hahahaha @Tabbi her freakem dress. Love it. You should eat whatever you want girl, if he's paying you gotta take advantage ;)
LOL I hear that! Wise words @Tabbi I agree with you though, either he takes you as you are and the way you eat your spaghetti or not. Either way he better be paying for the meal haha. But there is no right or wrong way to eat spaghetti, my chin would be full of sauce as well. I would let him wipe it off. That would get the mood flowing haha
@jordanhamilton lol... ikr..... how sexy is it to eat spaghetti :-) I would have just died laughing at my own self.... chin full of pasta sauce.... trying to cut up spaghetti only for it not to stay on the fork...then twirling it in a sexy way.... now this is a 40+ woman trying to be super sexy in her freakem dress on eating spaghetti with pasta sauce chin and 4inch heels.... laughing my ass off.... when you get older you just do that oh well stuff, either he wants me or I better order up everything on the menu......
my friend told me she had a terrible date from eating spaghetti.... lol I just laughed.... she said she sounded like a pig trying to be sexy sucking up a spaghetti that made her almost loose her breathe from being so long.... LOL TRIPLE TIME!!!
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